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At American Truckboxes, LLC, we strive to deliver you the exact product you need. Sometimes that product is just a different sized box than the standard sizes. Sometimes that product is something totally different from the norm. We are willing and able to work with you to design and build the storage box you're looking for, no matter how similar or different it is to our standard products. Just contact us for more information or to get started.

Below is just a small sampling of some of the custom toolboxes and storage units we've built for our customers. We can build anything!

A.T.V. Utility Vehicle Services Boxes

Custom designed service boxes for your all-terrain utility vehicle. Accessibility on three sides provides maximum tool availability.

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Custom Designed ATV Toolboxes Custom Designed ATV Toolboxes Custom Designed ATV Toolboxes


Tapered or Angled Toolboxes

Tapered or angled toolboxes are specifically designed to match the contours of your truck so you can eliminate protruding edges and still have easy access to your tools.

Tapered Toolboxes Tapered Toolboxes Tapered Toolboxes


Custom Designed Step Toolboxes

These custom designed step toolboxes beautifully illustrate our ability to improvise comfort-adding steps to almost any situation. With steps on your toolboxes you can now access previously uncomfortable locations and still have dependable tool storage.

Custom Designed Tool Boxes Custom Designed Tool Boxes Custom Designed Tool Boxes


Customized Door Configurations

These toolboxes illustrate our ability to work with different door configurations. We can customize door configurations to your preferences. If it makes your work experience better, let us know. We will go to our utmost extent to satisfy you.

Custom Designed Toolbox Doors Custom Designed Toolbox Doors


Combining Toolboxes

Combining multiple toolboxes to make a single masterpiece is just another ability of ours that we use to satisify our customers. Combining toolboxes is not limited to the configurations shown below. We will work with you to help satisfy your daily demands.

Custom Designed Tool Boxes Custom Designed Tool Boxes Custom Designed Tool Boxes


Custom Door Additions

These boxes illustrate our capabilities of adding doors to multiple sides of a toolbox for easier access, comfort, or whatever reason you might have.

Custom Designed Toolbox Doors Custom Designed Toolbox Doors



Custom Light Bars and Name Engraving

Custom name engraving and completely wired light bars are just more examples of our specialties. Whether you want these stylish items made out of mirror finish stainless steel, diamond tread bright aluminum, or just a plain piece of powder-coated steel, it's is entirely up to you. Just give us a call and we can help you emphasize the beauty of your semi truck to the max.

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Custom Designed Lightbars


Custom Space-Saving Designs

Our capabilities also include custom boxes especially designed for saving space. Whether its giving the door a slant or adding customized bends, our capabilities are only limited by your request.

Space saving toolboxes


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